The History of Richard Wells III

Cousin John Britton Wells’ diligent research has found the true history of Richard Wells III.  The findings are fantastic and just adds to the amazing history of the Wells clan.


The Wells Family of Kentucky's Big Sandy Valley

John Britton Wells III’s fantastic history of the Wells Family of Kentucky’s Big Sandy Valley.  It traces the Wells family back to Thomas Atte Welle of Willesborough, England in the 1400s and is updated to include the discovery of Richard Wells III!

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Andrew Wells

When Andrew Wells was born on June 11, 1799, in Dungannon, Virginia, his father, RICHARD, was 39 and his mother, SUSANNAH, was 24. He married Maryn Ann “Polly” Mobley Hite in 1819 in Scott, Virginia. They had four children during their marriage. He died as a young father on January 21, 1828, at the age of 28, and was buried in Washington, Virginia.

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George Eireland Wells

When GEORGE EIRELAND WELLS was born on March 22, 1800, in Dungannon, Virginia, his father, RICHARD, was 40 and his mother, SUSANNAH, was 25. He was married three times and had 12 sons and seven daughters. He died on December 14, 1887, in Johns Creek, Kentucky, having lived a long life of 87 years, and was buried in Floyd, Kentucky.

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Moses Wells

When Moses Wells was born on April 13, 1804, in Dungannon, Virginia, his father, RICHARD, was 44 and his mother, SUSANNAH, was 29. He married Margaret Elizabeth “Peggy” Hillman on November 20, 1824, in Scott, Virginia. They had ten children in 18 years. He died on September 16, 1878, in Johnson, Kentucky, at the age of 74, and was buried in Johnson, Kentucky.

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Elizabeth Wells

Elizabeth Hillman was born in 1807 in Dungannon, Virginia.  She married John Hillman in 1824.  Together they had 14 children.  Many of their descendants remained in Virginia; others moved to Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Texas, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Alaska.  Their descendants included a university president, a major league baseball player, and an Alaska prospector.  John died in 1871, Elizabeth died in 1885.

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Simon Peter Wells

Simon Peter Wells was born in 1810 in Dungannon, Virginia.  He moved to Kentucky with his parents between 1820 and 1830.  He married Mary Hager in 1833; together they had 10 children.  They eventually moved to northeastern Kentucky. Many of their descendants remained in Kentucky; others moved to Ohio, West Virginia, Alabama, Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indiana, Illinois, Texas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.  Their descendants include a famous actor.  Simon Peter died in 1884, Mary died in 1905.

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Rosanna Wells

Rosanna Wells was born about 1811 in Russell County, Virginia.  She married John Spencer Spears on November 13, 1828 in Floyd County, Kentucky.  John Spencer Spears, who owned a small farm in Daniels Creek, died before 1845, leaving Rosanna alone to raise their eleven children.  Rosanna also cared for their widowed mother, Susannah Hutchison Wells.  Rosanna died in 1878 in Johnson County, Kentucky.

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John Preston Wells

John Preston Wells was born on March 14, 1815 in Scott County, Virginia.  He settled in Johnson County, Kentucky, with land grants on Daniels Creek.  He married Nancy Ann Webb on December 4, 1839.  He joined the Confederate Army during the Civil War and took place in a raid near the end of the war.  Having been indicted for his participation, he fled to Lawrence County, Ohio where he surrendered.  He sold his farm in Johnson County, Kentucky, and purchased land in Lawrence County, Ohio.  He died in Windsor Township in Lawrence County, Ohio in 1880.

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Martha Nancy

Martha Nancy Wells was born in 1816 in Scott County, Virginia.  She came to Kentucky with her parents between 1820 and 1830.  She married William Webb on March 1, 1836.  They had a farm in the Johns Creek/Daniels Creek area.  She died in Floyd County in about 1842.

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Dr William Green Wells

When DR WILLIAM GREEN (Billy) WELLS was born in January 1818 in Dungannon, Virginia, his father, RICHARD, was 57 and his mother, SUSANNAH, was 43. He married MARY ANN BUTCHER on January 15, 1839, in Floyd, Kentucky. They had 14 children in 28 years. He died on December 14, 1887, in Paintsville, Kentucky, at the age of 69, and was buried there.

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Agnes Hutchison Wells

Agnes Hutchison Wells was born in Scott County, Virginia, on December 7, 1820.  She moved to Kentucky with her family and married Samuel Lewis Auxier Jr on May 2, 1838.  Samuel owned land in the Blockhouse Bottom area of Johnson County, Kentucky.  He served as a school commissioner and county magistrate.  Agnes died on December 8, 1908.

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Mary Wells

Mary “Polly” Wells was born in Dungannon, Virginia, the daughter of SUSANNAH and RICHARD. She married William F Butcher on February 1, 1845, in Johnson, Kentucky. They had 13 children in 18 years. She died on March 21, 1911, in Williamsport, Kentucky.

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