The Wells Family Association, Inc. Board encourages family members of all ages to become involved in association activities that help preserve the heritage and legacy of the Wells family line. It further supports the need for graduates to continue plans for education beyond the secondary level. In view of these positions, a scholarship fund has been established for descendants of Richard and Susannah Hutchison Wells.

If you are a senior in high school and are interested in our annual scholarship, you need to get your application in as soon as possible. The necessary information will be outlined below.  Your application is due in before May 15th, 2023 . YOU CANNOT WIN UNLESS YOU APPLY!  So get your application in as possible.


The Wells Family Association, Inc. Board has established a fund for ONE (1) scholarship to be awarded annually in the amount of $500.00.  If you meet the eligibility requirements and graduate in the spring of 2023, please complete the application for the scholarship and you may be the recipient of the 2023 scholarship of $500.00.

Eligibility Requirements:

Each applicant must:

  • Be a biological or legally adopted descendant of Richard & Susannah Hutchison Wells.
  • Be a graduating high school senior the spring of the year of application.
  • Have a letter of acceptance from the school in which you plan to enroll in the fall (this has been defined broadly to include any recognized institution such as a vocational or technical institute, Junior or community college, regular four year college, or university that grants a certificate, diploma, or degree based on a planned program of study).
  • Complete the scholarship application form (below).
  • Have a minimum 2.0 (“C”) GPA on a 4.00 scale. This is to be verified by the signature of a high school administrator or counselor on the application form. Submit a pedigree chart of family line, using the format provided by the historical committee.
  • Agree to use the scholarship money during the first academic year for which it is given or return the amount to the Wells Association Board Treasurer.
  • Agree to send a copy of your first year semester/quarter grades to Dr. Randall L Wells or  the President of the Wells Family Association, Inc. Board.
  • Anyone receiving the scholarship for 2023 will be required to have attended at least one Wells Family Reunion prior to submission of the application for the scholarship.

Application Deadline:

The completed scholarship application form and pedigree chart must be filled out and your pedigree chart uploaded at the end of this form – or hardcopy must be postmarked by May 15, 2023 and mailed to Dr. Randall L. Wells, 10337 Timberwood Circle, Louisville, KY 40223.  A hardcopy downloadable file is at the end of this online form. Only completed application forms, accompanied by the pedigree chart that ties you to Richard Wells, will be considered for the scholarship.  

All qualified applicants will be presented to the Wells Family Association, Inc.  The board voted in the event there are more than one qualified applicant, the board will develop a system to equitably determine the sole recipient of the scholarship.

All scholarship applicants will receive a letter from Dr. Randall L. Wells or the board president announcing the recipient.  A check for $500.00 will be presented at the Wells Family Reunion to the recipient. The recipient will be recognized both at the Wells Family Association, Inc. Reunion and in the Association Newsletter. All material submitted becomes the sole property of the Wells Family Association, Inc. board for use in naming a scholarship recipient and in updating Wells family genealogy records.

If in doubt of whether you have completed the chart correctly then please call any of the persons listed below and they will be happy to assist you. Dr. Randall L Wells (502) 541-8822; John B. Wells III, (678) 423-1247, or Mary W. Walton, (859) 971-7748. Remember if you don’t get it correct it could result in you not being considered for the scholarship. GOOD LUCK!